Core Center of Excellence in Nano Imaging

The Core Center of Excellence in Nano Imaging (CNI) at USC provides research tools for imaging, visualization, and analysis of nano-scale features and structures, both man-made and natural, including biological structures. The mission of CNI is to promote and advance the science and application of microscopic imaging and analysis techniques for visualizing and elucidating the ultrastructure and function of diverse materials. CNI strives to provide a networked environment with cutting-edge instrumentation, modern infrastructure, and access to skilled personnel to ensure efficient utilization of instrumental capabilities and development of unique instrumentation and techniques.

CNI fosters the collaborative and multidisciplinary research activities of over 50 PI’s from five schools at USC, supporting research and research training in imaging techniques and microanalytical methods. A fulltime technical staff supports the user group and their research activities, providing training and assistance with advanced applications. CNI is governed by co-Directors, and an internal Steering Committee provides advice and oversight. The shared instrumentation facility is accessible to all USC personnel and houses major instrumentation, including scanning and transmission electron microscopes and related instruments.

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