Peter Kuhn and Valery Fokin: Culture of collaboration

USC Dornsife researchers Peter Kuhn and Valery Fokin say culture will play a prominent role in shaping the new USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience. Fokin and Kuhn are convinced that personal connections, fostered by a healthy, supportive culture that breaks down academic silos, encourages collaboration and allows for failure will be as important as the bricks and mortar. (November 1, 2017)

Power professionals make a case for intellectual property

As college graduates enter an increasingly competitive and global knowledge-based economy, intellectual property — driving more than $6 trillion in annual output and responsible for more than 80 percent of the market value of publicly traded companies, has become a critical area for future entrepreneurs and business leaders. It is an important topic for USC President C. L. Max Nikias, the holder of eight patents himself, and Gary K. Michelson, an inventor, philanthropist and retired orthopedic surgeon whose 2014 gift to USC named the Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience.

Building Design+Construction (BD+C) Spotlights Michelson Hall

The trade outlet highlights that Michelson Hall is “designed, engineered, and constructed with an eye toward space flexibility and the accommodation of whatever equipment might need to be installed in the future, according to Alton Parks, the senior project manager. The hope, too, is that the design provokes interdisciplinary interaction.” (October 12, 2017)

Symphony of Sight: An Animation

USC Bridge Institute scientists and School of Cinematic Arts creatives came together to produce an inspired animation about scientific exploration through Hyper Spectral Phasor technology, an imaging technique developed by USC postdoctoral fellow Francesco Cutrale and USC Professor Scott Fraser.

USC’s Michelson Hall, new center for convergent bioscience, makes its debut

Michelson Hall debuted November 1 at USC’s University Park Campus. It will be the home of the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience, bringing great minds from disciplines all over the campus — from the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and the Keck School of Medicine of USC — under one roof to solve the world’s most pressing health problems. The building is the result of a $50 million gift from retired orthopedic spinal surgeon Gary K. Michelson and his wife, Alya Michelson. (USC News, November 1)

Science and cinema form an alliance to find new paths in biology research

To encourage collaboration and hasten scientific advances, Raymond Stevens, director of the Bridge Institute at the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience, invited experts from a variety of fields — chemists, engineers, physicists and neurobiologists, among others — to a retreat on Santa Catalina Island. There, he challenged them to work together and propose projects bridging different fields and addressing intractable problems in bioscience. One proposal in particular stood out.

USC’s Michelson Hall, a hub for biotech research, ready to open — and change the world

The most complex building ever built on the University Park Campus brings together top engineers and scientists in shared spaces designed to encourage collaborative research. On November 1, USC will open Michelson Hall, the new hub for this groundbreaking research endeavor as a cornerstone for biotech in Los Angeles. The grand opening of the $185 million building caps nearly seven years of planning and design, including three years of construction. All that had once existed only in blueprints is now a reality, thanks to a generous $50 million gift from retired orthopedic spinal surgeon Gary K. Michelson and his wife, Alya Michelson.

The World’s Smallest Movie Studio

Scott Fraser, Provost Professor of Biological Sciences and Biomedical Engineering and Director of Science Initiatives, works with his team to “eavesdrop” on memories as they’re being made.

Can AI Help to Detect and Cure Cancer?

Fei Sha believes in the power of convergence. That’s why the associate professor in computer science and Zohrab A. Kaprielian Fellow in Engineering feels so excited about the opening of the USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience, which is funded by a $50 million gift from Dr. Gary Michelson and his wife, Alya. There, Sha will head the Center of Data, Algorithms, and Systems for Health, or DASH, which will apply cutting-edge findings of statistical machine learning to medical science.